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Disclaimer: Even though this page says you'll get access to the game after purchasing at $10 $5 or more that is not the case. The file you will get instead is the Pre Order Terms PDF saying how to redeem the game once released.

Pre Order Terms

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Pre Order Knights of the Silver Table for only $5.

That's like 75% off the full retail price when released.

Retail price when released will be $19.99.

This offer will only last the month of May.

This page is to Pre Order the upcoming game Knights of the Silver Table for Steam PC.

A free to play demo of the game is available on Steam at:

Knights of the Silver Table Demo

About Cenokga

Hello! I'm Kyle Ransford. Owner of Cenokga Entertainment Studios Ltd. Co.

Cenokga is an independent Native American owned video game studio based in Arkansas. Creating 8-bit and 16-bit style games.

I made this page for people who want to Pre Order Knights of the Silver Table and help support it's release and the studio.

About Knights of the Silver table

Knights of the Silver Table get's it's inspiration from 8-Bit and 16-Bit games during the 90's. Such as, the NES, Super NES, and Game Boy.

The Knights are approached by Kaga the wise elder about a "Mysterious Power" and sends them out on a quest to find out what, or who is behind it.

In the game you play as Takoda, the leader of the Knights of the Silver Table as you journey through various kingdoms where each king will test your strength.

The game will also have multiplayer co-op up to 4 players locally.

Currently, Multiplayer is not supported in the Steam demo.

This may be the short version of the story. But, there is PLENTY more to the story! As the game get's closer to launch, little bits of the story will be revealed.


The officially supported controller for the Steam PC version will be the Xbox One Controller. And of course, you can use the keyboard as well.

The game has a single player mode and you can play with up to 4 friends Co-op locally and will feature a Battle Mode up to 4 Players locally. (Battle Mode only in Full Version).

The game will have an area based world and will have hidden secrets, Mini Bosses and World Bosses.

Although the game will have a serious tone, there will be humorous and engaging character dialogs.

This is the "first" installment of the series (if you would call it first) ahem... Many more sequels are planned and even in development

Pre Order Terms. Read Fully

(Don't be discouraged to Pre Order, these rules are for your protection and Cenokga's)

By Pre Ordering, you get to purchase the game at a discount than what it will be when released on Steam and help support the development of the game.

Game Retail Price will be $19.99.

Knights of the Silver Table is estimated to be released in the 4th Quarter of 2019 (Oct, Nov or Dec 2019).

Since this is a Pre Order, and the game won't be released for a couple of months, there are no refunds. By Pre Ordering you agree that you are OK with that, and agree to the Pre Order Terms of Use at this link: https://cenokga.com/pre-order-terms-of-use


Knights of the Silver Table will NOT be available on Itch.io as a downloadable game. In order to play the demo and the full game on release day you need to have a free Steam PC account. The game is not available on Linux or Mac.

When you Pre Order, you will receive a PDF document with more info about the Pre Order and how to redeem your Steam Key on release day included after Pre Order.

You will need to have a Google account to be able to fill out the Google Form in the link provided in the PDF.

Steam - PC - USA

The target OS for the Steam version is Windows. The Steam PC version is being published to work in the USA. If you are not in the USA, you are pre ordering at your own risk and there will be no refunds if it does not work in your country.

Steam does not do business with certain countries including: Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. There might be other countries where Steam does not sell to. It is your responsibility to find out if the game will work in your country.

Redemption and Verification

Cenokga Entertainment Studios has a ZERO tolerance for fraud.  As such, you must never share any files you are given or try to give away free redemption.

As verification of Pre Order goes through many verification methods and any duplicates or suspected fraud will be VOID.

If you try to fill out the Google Form again with a different Google Account, that entry will be VOID.

You Must not share your Order Number. If 2 identical order numbers appear as a verification method in the Pre Order reception Form, the submission received first of the multiple Order Numbers will be the valid Order Number. All duplicates afterward will be VOID.

It is not required for you to use the same email address in the Google Form that you used when Pre Ordering on itch.io. But you do NEED to have a Gmail to fill out the Google Form and the Gmail account must be owned and controlled by you, for saftey reasons. The redemption email you enter in the Google Form must be a working, active email and able to receive emails.

It is mandatory that this information be sent, or your Steam Key CANNOT be sent on release day. Your Steam Key will be sent to the email in the Google Form you entered in the PDF after Pre Ordering.

For security purposes,  if a Steam Key gets lost or sent to an inactive email. Another Steam Key will not be sent.

Another verification method is to enter a Backup Email either from yourself or a trusted family member or friend in case you lose access to your email you made the Pre Order with. If you can't be contacted with your main email, Cenokga with try to contact you at your Backup Email. Your Backup Email will only be used if you can't be contacted by your main email. But, whoever owns the Backup Email, (if you can't be contacted) will have access to your Steam Key.

It is your responsibility to keep the email you entered during purchase active. If you are changing emails, your NEW EMAIL address must be sent to Cenokga using your OLD EMAIL. Cenokga will not send the Steam Key to a NEW EMAIL unless Cenokga is told of the NEW EMAIL from the OLD EMAIL. This is not to limit your choices or to put further restrictions on redemption. It is to protect both the buyer and Cenokga.


By giving more than the pre order price, you can get additional physical rewards of merch from the Knights of the Silver Table.

New Rewards will be added soon.

See the Rewards section for more information.

To fulfill some rewards your shipping address needs to be shared with Third Parties. But as stated in Cenokga's Privacy Policy, Cenokga will never sell your information.

If you just would like to buy a merch item, or if you already pre ordered the game, you can buy merch from the Official Cenokga shops on

Inktale at Inktale.com/Cenokga


Pre-order Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:

KOTST Pre Order Redemption Terms.pdf


Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Pre Order + Knights of the Silver Table - 1.25" Round Pin - Limited to 90

Photo is of actual item. Not a Mockup. Photo is not actually size. Item image placement you receive may very slightly.

Knights of the Silver Table - 1.25" Round Pin + Game Pre Order.

Limited to only 90 to claim this reward. Currently only available on itch.io.

Item with ship within a week and Steam game key will be sent on release day.

Reward Includes:

Pin + Game Pre Order

Donate Towards a New Art Laptop for Game Development on the Go + Pre Order

This is not exactly a reward, but if you want to donate towards new equipment for the the studio and game development, you can here!

This particular goal is for an Art Laptop for Graphic Design and Game Development on the Go.

The Total Quantity is how many people need to donate for this goal to be met.

Reward Includes:

This option ONLY includes a Pre Order of Knights of the Silver Table if you haven't already Pre Ordered.

Help Bring Knights of the Silver Table to Android

By donating a fraction of the Game Maker Studio 2 licensing cost, you can help bring Knights of the Silver Table and other unannounced games to Android!

Please also note, that the Android release date is to be determined and has no official release date.

The Total Quantity is how many people need to donate for this goal to be met.

Reward Includes:

Steam PC Copy (on Release Day)

Development log